Tired and Sore Muscles
Improved Performance
Improved Attitude
Improved Movement/Flexibility
Increased Circulation and Stimulate the Lymphatic System
Free Evaluation of your Horse
$100.00 Average horse
$150 Warmblood/Draft Cross
$250 Full Draft
What Causes sore muscles?
When one area of the horse is stressed, the entire system compensates and supports the impacted area to continue providing for function. Stress contributes to muscle tension, and such tension-acute or chronic- may even lead to injury because of inhibited range of motion.
Low oxygen is the cause of a spasm(aka. knot in the muscle). This could be from exercising without properly warming up, or from daily stresses that inhibit regular breathing patterns. In any case, oxygenation through increased circulation or deep breathing will enhance the efficiency of they body's system.
Massage therapy is a combination of strokes used to increase the circulation to flush toxic buildup in the body. During a massage, the blood travels 3 times faster than normal, bringing additional oxygen to the systems.
When toxins become trapped within the fibers, pain and stiffness are experienced. Lactic acid, one of the guiltiest of toxins is increased(and accumulated) within the system as exercise intensity is increased. Intense efforts can generate more lactic acid than muscles and liver can neutralize.
By Cleansing the system of these toxins through massage and proper hydration, range of motion is increased.
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